Manufacturing Company, Hamilton

Health and Safety Manager

“Nice to meet you, and on behalf of the team here a big thank you for your great service and getting to us so quickly after lockdown.

Look forward to working with you in the future.”

Engineering & Manufacturing Company, Hamilton

HR and Compliance Coordinator

“Thank you for getting them all done for us. Everyone mentioned how quick and easy the whole process was, which is awesome.”

Kitchen Company Hamilton

Business Owner

“Thanks Nicky… All the Team Survived Yesterday so Thanks for Looking after Them in Your Friendly but Professional Way!”

Electrical Supplier Hamilton

Business Development Manager

“I just had my flu vaccine today. I didn’t even know it was done. Such great service and care from the team at Your Health NZ, thanks!”

Early Childhood Teacher


“You’re very gently Nicky, they were in the right hands!”

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Hamilton

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Hamilton

“Thanks so much. Felt a bit off yesterday but otherwise he said it’s the “best injection he’s ever had.” Really appreciate you doing this for us.”

Early Childhood Centres


“Really appreciate all you do for us and look forward to continuing to work with you.”

School Nurse Kris

Hamilton & Putaruru

“I hear everything went well at both schools for the immunisations. Thank you so much for facilitating this! It was much appreciated.”

Drainage Company Hamilton

Office Manager

“So good, I couldn’t even feel it! Great service thanks Nicky.”

School Principal, Hamilton


“Always superb service!!!”

Joinery Suppliers, Hamilton


“Thanks so much Nicky for your fantastic customer service”


“Just thought I’d give some positive feedback on the Cool XChange (CXC) bandage. It’s exactly what I’d hoped for and excellent for relieving my inflammation around my leg, calf, & behind my knee.

I can wrap this around and it stays in place nicely as I put my feet up for a rest, or wander about. Makes a nice change from trying to tie on cold packs and have them over-chill the area.

I would definitely recommend this product to others with this horrible inflammation build up from a compressed sciatic nerve.”

Corporate Advice Manager Workforce Development

“I want to also thank you for how promptly you have engaged with me. I had been trying to engage with another provider who was recommended, and their complete lack of response was appalling.

Really appreciate being able to work with you to get this over the line for our team”

Primary School

Thanks so much for all your help around our staff flu vaccinations, it is very much appreciated.”

Primary Health Organisation

“I just wanted to email and say what a phenomenal job you and the rest of the team did to host an outstanding conference. It was professional, informative and well run. You guys are amazing.”


Nurse Practitioner

Delegate at School & Youth Nurse Conference

“I have never attended a school nurse conference before. I was blown away by the high quality of speakers that you had. The well thought out variety of content was fantastic. Every speaker did an amazing job and was interesting and informative. There was so much to take in, my brain was full!

As for the honesty of the communication team that spoke, whow!

The MC was fantastic and made the whole event come together so well. You all deserve a good rest, well done!”

School Nurse

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