Flu Vouchers

If you’re an employer reading this and thinking of wanting to provide your staff with this year’s flu vaccination, but finding the idea of hosting a clinic on your premises doesn’t work for you, you’re not alone. We provide flu vouchers specifically for employers in your situation, whatever their reasons for not being able to commit to hosting a vaccination clinic.

You may have staff numbers that don’t meet the minimum requirements for an onsite vaccination or be in an industry that sees most of your team working away from the office at all times. You may not have a suitable location for our team to run a clinic or prefer not to use your premises. Or you may have already hosted a clinic but had a number of staff absent on the day.

Flu vouchers are an excellent way to provide your team members with a workplace-funded vaccination. While potentially a little less convenient for employees than an onsite vaccination clinic due to the need to find time outside of work, employer-funded flu vouchers still give you a better chance at getting most of your team vaccinated. And your investment in your staff’s health and well-being is likely to still have a positive impact on staff morale.

You’ll also be saving yourself the hassle of tracking and reimbursing staff for their flu vaccinations by providing them with flu vouchers, a headache we’re sure you could do without!

Our flu voucher rates are incredibly competitive and easily redeemable at any participating Greencross, Unichem or Life Pharmacy in New Zealand. Whether you need just a few or a large number, we can help, so give us a call and let’s get your workplace protected against this season’s flu strains.

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