The New Zealand health system has a lot of very positive qualities, especially when compared with systems in many other developed countries. 

After three years spent working in the UK, NZ registered nurse of twenty-six years Nicky Sayers returned home with a renewed appreciation for the positive aspects of our health system, as well as a clearer understanding of the aspects of it where there was an unmet need. Above all, Nicky saw a clear need for more preventative practices.

This is how Your Health NZ was born. Nicky felt there was a need for a service that would provide the equivalent of a fence at the top of the cliff, rather than an ambulance at the bottom. Her vision for Your Health NZ was just that: a health service focused on providing preventative health services and resources to the general public in New Zealand. Such a service would be accessible, time efficient and responsive, and help to not only reduce pressure on the New Zealand health system, but also help kiwis stay healthier.

With clinical experience in in Practice Nursing, Occupational Health, Education, Cardiology, and Emergency Nursing, Nicky’s background made her uniquely qualified to establish a service like this.

The first offering established by YHNZ was a mobile vaccination service. Established in 2016, it was aimed at NZ workplaces. Nicky built the service on values of holistic health and wellbeing, excellence of service, respect, compassion, support for both clients and staff, and growth of both staff and the YHNZ service as a whole. 

The service grew exponentially in recent years to relieve pressure on the NZ health system caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, with its staff of dedicated healthcare professionals growing to over forty in the Waikato area at the height of the pandemic. 

Today, Your Health NZ provides Workplace Flu Vaccinations and relief nursing staff for medical practices and hospitals, as well as running an accessible Meningococcal programme for New Zealand youth, health education workshops, as well as stocking a range of health-related products focused on infection control. In 2023, we will be adding in-home nursing care to our services.

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