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By vaccinating your staff onsite, we can assure you;

  • a decrease in both staff absenteeism and presenteeism
  • a decrease in both impact and/or cost of staff sickness on production, output and services provided
  • Less hassle and admin time in terms of reimbursing individuals that choose to have the vaccine at their GP
  • Less uncertainty eg. Staff vaccinated onsite are accounted for whereas those with vouchers may or may not choose to redeem their voucher.
  • Staff feel valued which has an impact on their feelings of wellbeing

The Process is simple
  • We ascertain the number of staff wanting a vaccine - for larger businesses or organisations, we can offer to go in and provide a free info session prior to vaccine day, or written content for their company newsletter so that staff can make an informed decision as to whether they choose to have a vaccine or not
  • On the day of vaccination, vaccines are packed and transported in a temperature controlled environment according to cold chain regulations
  • Once onsite, vaccines are administered, with individual consent
  • Once the job is completed, invoices are generated the same day with 7 day terms for non-governmental organisations or businesses

If you would like to discuss your needs or those of your business or organisation please call or email today.